Devotion For Every Wednesday

Perfect time in unexpected time 

1 Corinthians 3:6
“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” 

When returning to my office after a few weeks of study, I noticed my plant had dried out and withered down.  Some of the leaves had already turned yellow with black tips.  Others were in the morphosis of fading their colors.  It seemed obvious that the plant was dying, or already dead.  However, the thought of throwing it away was unbearable and heartbreaking.  The plant was a gift from a late friend given to me two years ago after I had moved to Alliance. My friend had been struggling with a brain tumor for a while.  Soon after sending me the plant, he left this world for his eternal place of rest.

So, I just decided not to throw it away even though reviving the plant didn't look hopeful. I usually watered it once every two or three days, but I thought the plant needed more water, so I watered it three times a day. That's all I did, just watered it without being optimistic. In about three days there was still no sign of hope. Then, four days...five days. On the fifth day, I made up my mind to give up. 

Walking into my office on the sixth day, I saw that the plant was rising off the ground! I felt a little hope for the plant. Finally, on the seventh day, its leaves stood up almost in their normal position. I had never been so joyful to see this plant! How can it be arising? Maybe, if you are a professional gardener, you might be scoffing at me and thinking I'm a total novice. But within my rookie level, seeing the plant alive was almost seeming like my dead friend had come back to life. 

"Paul planted the seed and Apollos watered..." then "God has been making it grow." In these two sentences, we can draw three meaningful facts regarding the timeframe between those two actions.   

(1) It is unsure when God started to grow the seed. It could be right after Paul's planting of it, or when Apollos began watering it, or long after what they did. 

(2) The Lord's continual action of growing the seed includes its incubation period under the ground, which is unseen. We don't see the growth, but God is acting under the ground.  So, His timeframe of growing the seed should include the invisible timeline.  

(3) It is also an unexpected time for us to see the first tip of the growth. The moment that our waiting finally comes to an end cannot be measured. It all depends on God's hands.  

Regardless of all those obscurities, we know for sure that God is growing us when we do not stop. He works with our effort and patience, and produces the best of our expectations in His perfect timing. So, we are always hopeful and joyful even in the most uncertain, murky and doubtful circumstances.  

Christ's advent was unexpected and surprising to the world. No one anticipated the exact timeline of His arrival. But we know it was flawless timing. God's timeline for His son's birth was perfect for the forgiveness of our sin and salvation


These devotions were written by Jay on every Wednesday.  You can read his weekly devotion in the weekly E-newsletter.