Devotion For Every Wednesday

It doesn’t take a big thing
John 1:46 “Can any good thing come from the little town?” 

Frank and Joanne Toldstedt invited me and my family to a musical of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” at the Post Playhouse at Fort Robinson.  Wait, a musical at Fort Robinson?  Last Sunday I preached on Phillip in John 1:46 and what Phillip said flushed through my mind, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?”  So, can any good musical performance come from a tiny little town?  I passed the town last year and didn’t stop because I thought there was nothing to do there.  If taking a nap is your major event, then yes, Fort Robinson could be the best place… this was my ignorance.   

For 2 hours, I was mesmerized with the musical and it was not due to the cold freezing air conditioning. My two boys were in awe-struck the entire performance not moving a muscle and thoroughly engaged with ever song, action and humor.  Most of the performers were professional actors and actresses from New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities.  The music, choreography, and acting were excellent compared to the shows I had seen in L.A.  I was amazed to see such talent in the middle of nowhere.  It doesn’t take a big city to have an excellent show as long as the production is good.  

Looking at many historical figures who strongly influenced the courses of the world, we can see that a great thing doesn’t need to start with a great moment.   

(1) Dwight Eisenhower once said that he developed his responsibilities as general and president when he was involved in an accident that cost his younger brother an eye. He learned to be accountable for those who are not able to protect themselves.

(2) Mahatma Gandhi could have been a faithful Christian if he didn’t meet the church elder who was mean to him.

(3) Adolf Hitler would have been a different leader if his father would take good care of him. 

Who would have ever imagined that salvation would come from the grave located in a small town in Israel?

Who could expect that the darkest grave that had been forgotten by the world would be the most popular place in the world?    

Let’s look around you and see if there is anything that has been ignored by others, especially a person who you think is hopeless or has no chance to be a better person.  When God snaps his fingers, everything could change from the lowliest to the exalted.  So, we are always hopeful.  Can a good thing come from the little town, Nazareth?  God can do it.  He will.






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