Devotion For Every Wednesday

Deeper Thought on God’s sovereignty 

The pastor, who held a church gathering service during a stay-at-home order was arrested and later announced that he will close the church this Sunday (April 5th).  His religious act could be understood as controversial. It is obvious that he did not follow the social protocol regarding the unstoppable infection of the novel coronavirus. So, his determination to keep the church open would be viewed as a reckless social behavior.    

Then, should his ministerial act be considered as an irresponsible ethical behavior? 

It is without a doubt that opening the church for Sunday worship was the act of the pastor’s faithfulness to God. He should be acclaimed as a courageous and sincere church leader. 

  • If the act of worship would protect those who worship God, then would this also keep them from other sicknesses and diseases, such as, cancer, leukemia, or flu?
  • Do worshippers not need to observe the traffic law, because God would protect them from having an accident?   

The pastor's firmly devoted heart to the Lord was misguided by his biased belief toward God’s sovereignty, thus his actions regarding his beliefs was misplaced. 

Think about this;
Would our act of worship make God move his sovereign power?  or

Is worshipping him a response to his sovereign power over our lives?  

The nature of sovereignty is independent, not depending on any human action. God’s healing and protection solely belong to him.

As a pastor, I pray for the safety of our church members. God gives us rationale and wisdom on how the safety would be implemented in our daily lives. How about God’s mystical protection and healing? They remain in the realm of God’s authority. I hope that we would all experience them in his perfect timing. 

These devotions were written by Jay on every Wednesday.  You can read his weekly devotion in the weekly E-newsletter.