Devotion For Every Wednesday

Hold Them in Prayer    
Proverbs 20:7 "A righteous man who walks in his integrity, his children are blessed after him." 

Last week, the news of the college admissions bribery scandal hit the whole nation. Some well-to-do celebrities have been charged in schemes that allegedly bribed college coaches and other insiders to get their children into some of the nation's most selective schools. Some other celebrities slammed the parents saying, "it wasn't for love, but for fancy diplomas." 

There were similar cases that happened numerous times in Korea, and Japan too. One of the more appalling ones was when the wife of the head of the Cho-Sun Media conglomerate committed suicide in 2016. Media has been one of the most influential companies in South Korea. Her death puzzled the whole nation. Recently, the true reason for her suicide was revealed. She had been abused and threatened with death by her four, grown children. Since her husband had high expectation for his children, his wife had made millions of dollars in illegal donations to a few outstanding colleges in the US to get her children admitted to the schools. Not knowing that his wife was making illicit donations, her husband was suspicious that she was spending the millions for her parents and brothers, and was later furious with her covetous behavior. Her four children were afraid of their dad too, concerned that he would figure out that they cheated on the college entrance exams. The wife's husband physically beat her up everyday trying to make her confess where she had really spent the money. The children tried to silence their mother so she wouldn't reveal the secret by forcibly putting her into a mental hospital. Finally, she couldn't take the family trauma anymore. 

What can we learn from this? I would say that we can't conclude that a child becomes an immoral character on their own. How they behave and react toward others and the society to which they belong, reflects what they have constantly seen and heard, as well as how they are treated, by their parents or guardians. Parents' distorted love for children creates distorted characters in a child's mind.

A few years ago at church, I tried to hold my two boys so they would sit quietly during worship, and showed them a reproving look on my face. After worship an elderly lady who was sitting right behind me came to me and said, "Hold them loosely in the physical sense;  but, hold them tightly in prayer. They will fly away.. anyway." She is right. The best thing we can do is hold them tight in prayer, not seek after a fancy or fake diploma for them. ​

These devotions were written by Jay on every Wednesday.  You can read his weekly devotion in the weekly E-newsletter.