Devotion For Every Wednesday

Passing by the Lord

Mark 4:12 
"They may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing, but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven."
I had two very similar experiences on the same day.  During this past summer while Jayden was here in Alliance, I had bought his first wallet for him....which he quickly lost.  There was $20 worth of cash in it.  We were looking for his wallet everywhere; my place, the church, even in my car, but we failed to find it.  
Then I lost my car keys.  Again, I searched high and low for them, but couldn't find them anywhere.  Since I had an extra key, I was not too worried because I could still drive my car.  Unfortunately, I looked for days and still failed to find them.  One morning I got in my car, and as had become my routine, checked to see if I might finally be lucky and find them.  To my surprise I found Jayden's wallet sitting on the backseat of my car.  "What in the world...?"  How was it possible for me to miss his wallet?
Since I miraculously found the wallet that morning I once again began to rummage in my house for my car keys after I returned for the day.  Not finding them, I finally I gave up and took a break to watch TV.  Guess what...the keys were right in front of me hanging above the TV.  "What in the universe...?"  They were there the whole time - I was watching TV but I couldn't recognize them?
How is it possible that I was constantly failing to notice things right in front of me? Is there some mysterious force screening what I see and what remains hidden? According to psychologist Ulric Neisser, when our minds are busy focusing on one thing, our finite brains leave out other things and selectively pick up easier, and less important information. I was so caught up in looking for my car keys and Jayden's wallet that my brain selectively delivered easy information, which blinded me from identifying the two objects outweighed by other objects in my field of vision.  Simply saying....I wasn't looking, but was just informed by whatever my brain transmitted.
Two people read the Scripture or worship the Lord but only one of them could find the Lord through his/her spiritual eyes. Our minds are filled with much of our thoughts, worries and concerns, then our brains could just select easy information and deliver it to our minds. So, we have the knowledge of the Scripture and worship on a regular basis but might fail to see our Lord's love and grace. One person can deepen his/her faith and spirit while the other just hovers on the surface only seeing the superficial facts about Jesus.  
We must set aside a quiet moment and ask the Holy Spirit to slow us down so we can absorb everything He teaches us; or, we might miss the truth that God is trying to impart to us.


These devotions were written by Jay on every Wednesday.  You can read his weekly devotion in the weekly E-newsletter.