Devotion For Every Wednesday

Happy New Year

When it comes to the new year, three words always come to mind, and probably in your minds too: “already”, “behind”, and “forward”.   

“Already” another year? You would have asked that same question to yourself because in the past year, your life was hectic and crazy. Some of it was successfully accomplished and others are still an on-going process.

Thus, you leave “behind” all those heart-breaking moments or disappointments. You would have a new fresh start in hoping that in this new year, all the things that you’re planning would happen. 

So, you want to move “forward”. 

These three words might be an indication of our desire to see “happiness” in our lives.  As a follower of Christ, we pursue happiness in a higher level.

(1) Instead of “already”, we say “again”.  We challenge ourselves again in this brand-new year and walk towards the unknown future.  Difficulties and obstacles in different forms could be waiting for us. but we “again” continue to walk. 

(2) Instead of “behind”, we say “with.” We walk with all those heart-breaking moments in believing that when God’s timing is perfect, the Creator will turn them into joy. Then we will remember we have been walking “with” God.

(3) Instead of just moving “forward,” we say “pause”. We stop and pause ourselves in a quiet moment and see that we are not left alone, but surrounded by the presence of the Lord. Our journey will go toward the way God sets out for us. 


In the year 2020,

I pray that God would continue to bless your spiritual walk on earth. Remember you’re not alone but surrounded by the spirit of the Lord. 

These devotions were written by Jay on every Wednesday.  You can read his weekly devotion in the weekly E-newsletter.